Terme (hot spring) in Viterbo

The Terme dei Papi was formed by a twelve kilometer long fracture in the earth’s crust from which emerged thermal waters. They are pushed up by forceful carbon and sulfuric gases, rich sulfur, calcium, magnesium bicarbonates and several others gases.
Among the many termes, the most famous and important is the Bullicame Spring, flowing out of a white calcareous mount. Solforic-solfate-bicarbonate-alcalino-earth-like, it is rich in fluorine with its 58° C temperature and has long been appreciated for its therapeutic qualities. Its noteworthy quality is in its chemical-physical characteristics, making it suitable for many uses of thermal therapy. The same spring feeds a splendid monumental large pool of over 2,000 square meters. Another important spring is Bagno del Papa with its carbon-ferruginous qualities, used in treating vascular ailments. The Terme dei Papi is open all year around.

Monumental Pool

The Monumental Pool is open every day, except Tuesday, (if it is a holiday day, the closing day falls on the following Wednesday), 9am to 7pm. The Pool is open on Saturday nights, from 9.30pm until 1am.

Treatments’ Schedule

Most treatments can be scheduled at all times, Sundays and holidays included.

Masse di San Sisto Spas

The thermal areas of The Masse of San Sisto is located in the southern most part of the Viterbo thermal area, at the interchange of the highway Orte-Viterbo on the S.S. Cassia South (Paliano Location). There are two thermal baths in the spas: the large one with hot thermal water and a smaller one with lukewarm thermal water (about 18°c). In this way, one can feel the temperature difference between the two pools. Except for the brief periods of time necessary to clean the thermal baths, it is possible to use them at all times, even from night time to morning.

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