Terme (hot spring) dei Papi in Viterbo

Given the particular geographic location of Tuscia’s territory, its cooking can be considered a successful mix of taste, smells and simplicity, reminding us of the Roman, Tuscan and Umbrian cooking. The traditional dish is the “acquacotta” composed by four basic elements: homemade stale bread (by stale we mean a few days old), leaf vegetables (wild chicory as a prime choice), together with potatoes, tomatoes and onions, wild mint and extra virgin olive oil.
You can taste this simple but genuine local cooking in selected trattorias.
We would suggest:

in Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia www.dapeppone.com

in Cura di Vetralla www.ristoranteimperiale.it

You can also buy typical local produce, such as extra virgin olive oil, home made cold cuts and cheeses, wine and sweets in the local farms and shops.