At 15 minutes from Terme dei Papi in Viterbo

Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia (VT) is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Viterbo (an ancient walled city and the Provincial capital) at 329 meters (1000 feet) above sea level. It was built on the remains of a 3rd or 4th century Roman Villa in the Etruscan area. Since it’s founding in the 1200's Villa San Giovanni has been appreciated for its peaceful surroundings and pleasant climate. During the beautiful summers, there are many activities in the village and surrounding area. A gracious municipal park, nearby the main square, is equipped with a children's playground. The Borgo, laying among green fields and surrounded by hills is characterized by simple buildings gathered around the main church with its bell tower. Taking Via del Poggetto (where the B&B is located) one can reach the small jewel that is the Chiesola, a 15th church. The village is a wonderful site nearby Rome. One can take relaxing walks within the Etruscan countryside, enjoy the marvelous scenery such as the natural park by the lake of Vico or through the medieval streets of the historical center of Viterbo and other local villages. One can immerse oneself in the warm waters of the natural spas only 15 km. away, enjoy mountain bike rides following well defined trails, have pleasant walks or take horseback rides. By evening, one can enjoy the simple but genuine local cooking in selected trattorias or simply light a fire in our kitchen and cook yourself a steak 'alla brace'.

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Massimiliano Carlini